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Stevie “The Answer” Massey – No More Talk – Solve It In The Ring On Oct 19

Charlotte, NC (October 10) – Ask Stevie “The Answer” Massey, why the bad blood and hostility between him and his October 19th opponent (Marko Bailey)?  Massey can only offer one answer (Pun Intended), “I pretty much dominated the amateur fighters in North Carolina, and at 132 pounds I dominated the amateurs.  He fought at 132.  We both won, but for some reason, we didn’t meet in Golden Glove finals.  Before his pro debut, he started calling me out on social media.  I was still in the amateurs, and didn’t really know who he was.  Well, no more talk.  We are going to solve everything that’s been talked about in the ring on Oct 19th.”

On October 19th at the Durham Armory in Durham, NC, Massey 4-1 (4 KO’s) will face Marko “The Bull City Bully” Bailey 5-0 (3 KO’s) in the main event of Raging Babe’s Thursday Night Fights.  Not only will all the social media talk be settled, but for the first time in North Carolina boxing history, the North Carolina Lightweight Championship will be on the line, and the winner will take all.

Massey will enter the ring for the first time since his July setback to Reggie Barnett Jr.  Massey will need to live up to his nickname, and provide a real answer to a spectacular career temporarily derailed.

Two years ago, Massey’s cousin nicknamed him “The Answer.”   Massey’s cousin watched in amazement as Stevie dominated an amateur fight.   Massey’s cousin started going around telling people if anyone has any questions inside the ropes, Stevie has the answer, so the nickname “The Answer” stuck.

After four straight first round knockouts, Massey’s power was quickly brought meaning to the nickname “The Answer.”  In July, Massey faced stiffer competition in Reggie Barnett Jr.   Barnett Jr. 4-1 (2 KO’s) came into Massey’s hometown of Charlotte, NC outworked the hometown favorite, and for good measure, dropped Massey in the middle rounds on his way to a surprising UD win.

After the loss, Massey questioned himself and how he could let such an opportunity slip through his hands?  The take away from his first professional defeat was a hunger and willingness to make sure the traps of defeat no longer exist.

Quickly, Massey and his team (Mom, Dad, Coach Adam Espo, Robyn Sauer, and Christy Martin) were back in the gym with a plan: “Take out the bully!”  “Bailey and his team have been calling for this fight, and told us to name the weight and time to make it.  We said, OK let’s do it at 130 pounds.  They fired back he can’t make the weight, and offered a catch weight of 132 pounds.  We agreed, so I guess we are going to do it like the amateurs.  To me this is just another fight, and as long as I do what I do that’s it. When we get into the ring, and he sees me work, he is going to be like ah shit.  I done fucked up!” said a confident Stevie Massey.

Bailey vs. Massey on October 19th in Durham, NC will be a thriller.  Massey anticipates his incredible fan base from Charlotte will be in attendance.  He encourages anyone from Charlotte to make the trip to Durham for what will be an exciting night of professional boxing.  Hopefully, Bailey will live up to his name and be the “Bull City Bully,” because Massey says, “if we fighting, and I get him into the ring, he in trouble!  The way he talks, and if he comes out and wants to be a bully.  Meet me in the middle of the ring.  Give the fans what they want to see.  Don’t run.  Don’t make me chase you all around the ring.  give the fans what they want to see!”

Stevie “The Answer” Massey wants Marko Bailey and the boxing world to know one more important thing, “I know I am coming into his city of Durham, but he needs to realize that at 130 pounds, this is my state!”




By Chris Williams


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