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Marko Bailey Promises An Old School Bully Beat Down October 19th

New Bern, NC (October 12) – Marko Bailey is very clear and deliberate with the words he uses to describe what he believes the outcome will be on October 19th:  “I’m taking it back old school.  Forget all the dancing around and looking pretty.  I’m going to be a real bully, and beat him down.  He is going to fold like a damn lawn chair!”

Bailey 5 – 0 (3 KO’s), who is trained by the legendary Don Turner, normally approaches fights with a business mentality.  Turner’s training methods have taken Bailey to the brink of hell, and forced Bailey to focus on boxing.  Bailey’s day starts with a three mile run at six A.M., he eats breakfast, goes for a three mile walk, relaxes a little bit, eats lunch, trains in the gym at two P.M., eats dinner at five P.M., goes for another three mile walk, and then tries to rest before repeating the exact same process the next day.  Turner has instilled Bailey with discipline, and Bailey believes a new monster is about to be unleashed in Durham, NC.

On October 19th at the Durham Armory in Durham, North Carolina, Raging Babe presents Thursday Night Fights.  It will be an opportunity for Marko “The Bull City Bully” Bailey to make history by becoming the first Durham boxer to bring home a professional title.  Bailey and Massey will fight in the main event for the North Carolina Lightweight.  The title and history alone are motivating enough for most fighters,  but Bailey isn’t most fighters.  The “Bull City Billy” is making this personal, because as  Bailey says, “this dude has been running his mouth since the amateurs telling everybody he is the best lightweight in North Carolina.  Now, he is talking about he is going to do this and do that and come to my hometown and beat me?  It’s normally business, but this ass whoopin he is going take is personal.”

Bailey’s confidence to win starts with a belief in his ability, he combines it with Coach Turner training him to beat any opponent, and add in the tremendous support he receives from his hometown of Durham, and Bailey feels like a real “Bull City Bully.”  “Stevie is going to feel me on Thursday night (October 19th).  He is going to feel my people chanting my name, he is going to feel Durham squeezing him.  He doesn’t really understand how much he is getting into.  This is almost like a joke to him.  Somebody better tell him to tuck his suspect chin, because I’m coming.  All that fake Floyd shoulder rolling he does is going to get him in trouble.  Like I said earlier, and you can quote me on this, when I put my hands on him, Stevie Massey is going to fold like a damn chair!”

Team Bailey sees this fight as one of many steps to get into contention for a world title fight.  While there is no clear resolution to who started the bad blood between Bailey and Massey, October 19th will bring a definitive answer to who is the best lightweight in North Carolina.  Ask Bailey and he will simply tell you, “I’m built different from him, and I’m a real monster.  I’m the Bull City Bully!”





By Chris Williams


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