Augusta, Georgia’s Fernado Bunch Is Working And Not Wishing To Be A World Champion

(Augusta, GA) – It is five in the morning and undefeated lightweight Fernando Bunch has one thing on his mind.  Finish his six mile run stronger than he did yesterday.  The six mile run isn’t new.  The six mile run is part of the everyday routine.  Come rain or shine, the run is one of many things Fernando Bunch does every day to make sure he is working and not wishing to become a world champion.

Team Bunch believes every exercise or drill is an opportunity to get better.  Each exercise is tested and measured.  The only true failure is not showing up, but if you show up, you had better be ready to work and give optimal effort.  In Fernando Bunch, the team has no worries, because Fernando wants to be a champion more than any other well wisher, fan, friend, family member, or Team Bunch member.

Robert Graham, also known as Fitz, has worked with world champions Antonio Tarver, Anthony Hanshaw, and Calvin Brock.  Fitz has been around boxing for over ten years, so he has a better than keen eye for finding a world champion.  Fitz is heavily invested in Fernando Bunch, because as Fitz will proudly, quickly, and boisterously tell you, “Fernando is dedicated, and comes to seek and destroy.  He demolishes people, and tries to punch through you.  He has real power in both hands.  Not one, but both hands.  Fernado’s real gift is his boxing IQ.  Best I have seen in a long long long time.” 

Fernando Bunch learned his work ethic and was introduced to the gym at the early age of five.  His father, a black belt, taught him Taekwondo.  After being DQ’d in several matches for not kicking and just punching, Fernando left the Dojo followed his best friend to the boxing gym.   Weighing a mere eighty five pounds until he was sixteen years old, Fernando would try other sports even playing college soccer, but his love for the sweet science prevailed.

Fernando Bunch Weigh In

Fernando turned twenty five on July 7.  A father and a full time Customer Service Rep, he is motivated to continue his daily training routine, because as Fernando says, “People have invested in me.  My only job is to stay sharp.  I don’t want to make Mr. Fitz a liar.  He lines them up and I knock them down.”

Fernando, nicknamed El Terrible because Eric Morrales was his favorite fighter and because of the awful things he does to opponents in the ring , is 4-0 (4 KO’s) as a professional.  He is making it known he is looking for “ALL” comers in the lightweight division.  As Mr. Fitz would say, “Fernando is a special young man.  He will fight anybody anywhere.  If you are brave enough to step in the ring with him, well, you better have your health insurance paid up!”

Fernando Bunch has just put the lightweight division on notice.



By Chris Williams

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