Maynard Allison

Maynard Allison Returns To The Ring With A Sizzling Second Round KO

Raleigh, NC (February 12) – Maynard Allison returned to the ring, unloaded five months of frustration, and delivered a sizzling second round knockout of Jeffrey Hayslett.

Allison did not waste anytime letting his fists go.  After the opening bell, Mr. Marvelous and Hayslett touched gloves, and Allison let his fist fly.  Allison landed a wild right hand which backed Hayslett into the corner.  Allison jumped on Hayslett, and threw a wild five punch combo.  Allison landed three hard body shots and a hard hook, but Hayslett was game and landed a right hand straight down the middle that forced Allison to step back and regroup.  Hayslett tried to take advantage, but Allison showed poise and started landing vicious body shots which allowed him to regain control and force Hayslett to stop throwing and defend.  Allison landed a vicious body shot that forced Hayslett to take a knee seconds before the bell ended round one.  Hayslett took an eight count and staggered back to his corner.


Allison (R) lands body shot on Hayslett (L)


The pro-Allison crowd was really into it, and began to cheer loudly at the start of round two.  Allison, fighting for the first time in Raleigh, NC since May 2016, fed off of the crowd, settled down, and carried out his game plan.  Allison worked behind a range finding jab, and then dropped two and three punch body shots which forced Hayslett to buckle.   After forcing Hayslett to the ropes, Allison threw a hook and overhand right that forced Hayslett to fall along the ropes.  Referee Dale Frye stepped in and waived off the bout giving Allison a second round KO win.

Allison improved to 6-1 (5 KO’s).  Mr. Marvelous was excited after the fight, and thanked his new trainer Coach Lando Rosa of Delco Boxing Academy.  “Coach Lando really got me ready to eat tonight.  We worked hard in the gym, and we were ready to go.  I was hungry, and needed that rib sandwich..  We fed off that rib sandwich tonight.”

Allison kept North Carolina ties, and had Coach Keedar Massey of the Inner City Youth Boxing gym in Durham, NC work his corner.  “Coach Massey and I have been through a lot.  He knows me really well. He worked well with Coach Lando, so it was great to have him tonight.”

Team Allison wants to stay busy.  They hope to return to North Carolina to fight. With multiple options, they are weighing fights in their new hometown of Philadelphia, PA and North Carolina.




Chris Williams/Cboxinginfo




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