Maynard Allison

Maynard Allison Returns To The Ring February 11

Philadelphia, PA (February 6) – Maynard Allison is totally focused on becoming a world champion, and he is ready to return to the ring February 11.

Allison 5-1(4 KO’s) suffered his first defeat as a professional September 16, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.  While the fight was competitive, Mr. Marvelous walked away knowing he needed to truly step up his game to reach all of the professional boxing goals he has set for himself.  “I want to make money, and I want to become a world champion.  Before, I just wanted to make money.”

To prove he is serious, Allison accepted a full time job in Philadelphia to satisfy the financial need to take care of his family.  Soon after taking the job, Allison found a gym where he can work on his boxing skills. When Allison began sparring, he quickly learned why Philly fighters have such a strong, positive reputation.  “Man,  everybody can fight here.  Even the kids.  This sixteen (16) year old was giving me the business.  I turned up then he turned up.  I was like o.k., and I turned up more, and he turned up even more.  I love the sparring, and I love the fact I can face a variety of styles.  This is good for me and my family.”

After his first professional loss, Allison admittedly needs to rebuild his confidence.   “I didn’t take the loss so well.  I want to build my record up to 12-1 facing guys with equal experience as me, and then start facing some of the killers in the division.  I’m not ducking anyone.  I know where I am, and where I need to get to be great.  Trust me!”

Allison is strong in his beliefs, and he has broken ties with Greg Cohen Promotions.  He has accepted a fight on February 11 for less money than he would normally be paid, but Allison is securer financially and wants this opportunity to fight in front of his North Carolina fans.  “This isn’t about the money.  This about me rebuilding and getting to where I need to be as a boxer. I’m back!!!”

For more info on Maynard’s February 11 fight, follow him on social media @Mr_Marvelous_Maynard


By Chris Williams/cboxinginfo


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