Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Freddie Roach Is Throwing Out Big Bait

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Freddie Roach is not only a world class trainer, but he is a world class hype man.  Roach understands the advantages his fighters “NEED!”  Leading up to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao showdown, Roach knows his fighter, Manny Pacquiao, needs to have his undefeated opponent off of his game in a big way, so Roach is tossing out shark size bait to see if Floyd Mayweather Jr. will bite.

Roach believes Mayweather’s greatest weakness is pyschological.  “I want to get inside his head a little bit, because he’s not a secure person. He’s very fragile. He’s really insecure.”…Freddie Roach.

Since the fight was announced in late February, Roach has had many things to say to get inside of Floyd Mayweather’s head.   Here are some highlights:

“Floyd’s moves are good but predictable”

“The way to beat Floyd is to outwork him every minute of every round. Manny is the only fighter capable of executing that game plan. Activity kills Mayweather.”
“Floyd’s legs are a little shot.”
“Floyd’s legs don’t move like they once did.  He’s very clever but the fight is so big he may feel like he has to take a risk and exchange with us. If he does that, that’s the best thing in the world for Manny.”
“He’s going to be in trouble. He’ll fall right into our power and he’ll get knocked out.”

 “I’ve watched his father in the corner.  He stutters, has trouble staying calm and can’t get words out.”

“Floyd is crazy about that zero.”

Freddie Roach has just begun his mental assault on the world’s top P4P fighter, and I’m pretty sure as the fight gets closer Roach will have even more derogatory and inflammatory things to say.  For now, Roach is just tossing out the bait trying to reel in Money Mayweather.
The question remains – Will Floyd will take the bait?



By Chris Williams  www.cboxinginfo.com



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