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Maynard Allison: Family Man – Fierce Boxer

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On a cool, but sunny, Saturday afternoon in the Carolina’s, over 500 community members gathers in the small North Carolina town of Siler City to pay homage to their local Hero.  What makes this turnout so riveting is the community has come together to celebrate a Family Man, who happens to be one of the world’s fastest rising and fiercest Boxers:  Maynard Allison.

Maynard Allison is a terrific boxer.  He is young, strong, athletic, fast, and has the will to win.  He is 4-0 (3 KO’s), and has recently signed with super promoter Greg Cohen.

The one thing that makes the community rally behind him is his dedication to his family.

As people from all walks of life, Siler City Law Enforcement, and multiple professions drive into Siler City’s Washington Park to catch a glimpse of their hero, they all have good things to say about the man they simply call….”Blink!”

Maynard Allison Day Photo 3

Here are some of the quotes community members had to say about Maynard Allison at Maynard Allison Day:

“What separates him from the average man and makes him a world champion outside of the ring is the way he publicly raises his kids.” 

“He is quick to avoid getting his family mixed up in some mess.  He will tell you, I ain’t bringing my family around no mess!” 

“He ain’t soft, he is smart.  He keeps his family away from the everyday trouble he could find in these streets!”

“What other celebrity would take the time to make sure an event in his honor is so kid focused.   Look at this.  This is all about the kids and his family, not him.”

“He is a great person that cares about his community and family.  He is already the Champ in our eyes.”

As the Carolina sky slowly changes to dusk and the celebratory music begins to fade, Maynard Allison can be seen running with the kids and individually, shaking hands and thanking the throng of well wishers holding out for one last glimpse of their hero.

Maynard Allison is truly a champion, community loyalist, and a family man who happens to be a fierce boxer!




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