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Stevie Massey Provides A Definitive Answer With 1st Round KO Of Marko Bailey

Durham, NC (October 20) – Stevie “The Answer” Massey was very firm in his pre-fight interview stating “the talk is done, and it was time to prove it in the ring.”  Massey backed up his words, and for anyone questioning, who was the best lightweight in North Carolina between Massey and Marko Bailey?  Stevie Massey provided a definitive answer with a devastating first round KO of Bailey.

Bailey A.K.A. “The Bull City Bully” was also true to his word jumping out and attacking Massey at the opening bell.  After cracking Massey with a quick combination, the bullying stopped.  Massey started fighting fire with fire, and landed a quick combination of his own.  Massey’s punches were shorter and crisper, and the two combatants enlivened the crowd as they stood toe to toe bombing away at each other.  Massey turned the tide when he landed a right hand near the ear of Bailey.   Bailey was stunned, but continued firing.   Massey’s hard, crisp punches started to land in bunches.  Bailey, now visibly shaken, was forced to the ropes by Massey’s hard shots.  Massey closed the show landing a hard right to Bailey’s chin followed by three unanswered blows that  left Bailey unconscious as he slowly slid down the ropes and slammed to the canvas.  Hall of Fame referee Bill Clancy quickly jumped in and waived off the fight giving Stevie “The Answer” Massey 5-1 (5 KO’s) a KO win at  one minute and ten seconds of the first round.  A stunned, hometown crowd gave the previously undefeated Bailey 5-1 (3 KO’s) a big hero’s applause once Bailey was finally able to get to his feet.

In the Co-Main event, Joseph “Action” Jackson 9-0 (7 KO’s) maintained his unbeaten record with a massive second round KO of previously unbeaten Monreco Goldston 5-1-1 (3 KO’s).

The pre-fight hype for the co-main event featuring Jackson and Goldston was as heated as any rivalry in boxing.  Goldston promised he would do away with the over hyped Jackson claiming “if Joe Jackson fought eight Monrico Goldston’s, Jackson would have eight losses.”  Jackson kept his cool and confidently and consistently told everyone he would knock out Goldston.  Jackson did not lie.

Jackson and Goldston fought a good first round as each fighter tried to feel out the other and establish ground.  Jackson was poised and aggressive landing to Goldston’s body.  Goldston tried to work behind his jab, so he could throw a quick left right. Goldston landed a nice counter shot at the end of the round, but Jackson answered with a quick hard combination of his own.

Jackson came out in round two with more aggression forcing Goldston to fight.  Goldston would land an occasional jab and light right hand, but Jackson was really turning up the heat landing heavy shots to the body forcing Goldston’s hands to to drop and protect his midsection.  With seconds remaining in the second round, Jackson feinted with a left and threw a big overhand right which caught Goldston square on his head.  Goldston fell like a tree, and was stopped at three minutes of the second round.


In other action on the Thursday Night Fights presented by Raging Babe card:

Wellington Romero TKO 1 (1:54) Mike Fowler

Darmani Rock UD Juan Goode

Blake Mansfield TKO 2 (1:56) Courtney McCleave

Donnie Marshall UD Marcos Primera
Carlos Olmeda UD Vinnie Deniereo



Photo credits Jeff Keller



by Chris Williams


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