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Nominees For 2018 North Carolina Boxing Awards

The Nominees For 2018 North Carolina Boxing Awards (As Selected By The Fans)

Raleigh, North Carolina (December 28) – I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! The North Carolina boxing fans have spoken, and we are delighted by the amazing and overwhelming participation in the 2nd annual North Carolina boxing awards.

Last year we had over 300 votes from all over the state of North Carolina. This year, we received over 1500 votes, so we are proud to present your Nominees for the 2018 North Carolina Boxing awards.

Thank you to all of the fans who participated in the vote, and thank you for your continued support of the sweet science in North Carolina. The fans’ contributions are the key ingredient to ensure and assist fighters, trainers, managers, gyms, and promoters will take North Carolina Boxing to a new level in 2018.

Thank you to all of the fighters, who risk their lives and make sacrifices, so fans can be entertained, promoters can promote, managers can manage, and trainers can teach.

Thank you to the North Carolina Boxing commission for providing an opportunity for men and women across the state to pursue their dreams, taking the safety of the participants seriously, and governing and growing the sport in the state of North Carolina.

The 2018 WINNERS will be announced Live Tuesday, January 1, 2019, at 10:00 AM EST via live stream on’s social media. If you are not following us, please add @cboxinginfo to your social media lists on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Without further ado, the 2018 nominees for the North Carolina Boxing Awards are as follows:

Fighter of the Year
Donnie Marshall
JacQuan Townes
Michael Williams Jr.
Kelvin King
Stevie Massey

Fight of the Year
Noel Echeverria vs Jairo Vargas UNBC Lightweight Championship
Lei’D Tapa vs Monika Harrison
Michael Williams Jr vs Stephon McIntyre
Marcos Escudero vs Brad Stevens

Trainer of the Year
Roy Jones Jr Adam Esposito Don Turner
Remy Fullwood Tim Gregory Santos Ramirez
Ricky Rainey Johnny “skip” Crumpler

Round of the Year
Round 8 Noel Echeverria vs Jairo Vargas UNBC Lightweight Championship
Round 1 Kelvin King vs. Dereck Hyatt
Round 2 Michael Williams Jr vs Justin Rainier

Manager of the Year
Swan Davis
Paul Marrinacio
Gardner Payne***
Michael Williams Sr
Cameron Harvey***
Brian Lee***

Newcomer of the Year
Michael Williams Jr
Kelvin King
Jose Ibarra
Lei’D Tapa
Khalil Smoot

Promoter of the Year
LaVonda Stacy-Earley
Christy Martin

Prospect of the Year
Michael Williams Jr
Jose Ibarra
Stevie Massey
Kelvin King
Quintin Rankin
LaVonte Earley

Event of the Year
Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions Nov 17
Christy Martin Promotions Feb 23

Most Inspirational
Let’s Make It Happen Together Inc
Coach Kedar Massey
Chris Williams
Hustle Hands
Carrie Flock

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